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03 July 2012 @ 10:01 pm
Tsuchiya Anna to play Rihanna’s voice in Japanese dubbed version of “Battleship” [old news]  

On March 22nd, model/singer Tsuchiya Anna attended a Japanese dubbing session for the Hollywood film, “Battleship“. In the Japanese dubbed version of the film, Tsuchiya will voice the character ‘Raikes’, who is originally played by singer Rihanna. Tsuchiya, who claims she’s a fan of Rihanna, commented, “I used the voice I would use if I was acting, so it was easy to do.”In the film, there are a handful of scenes that required Tsuchiya to let out a shout. “I’ve been training my muscles, so I thought I could do it,” she said confidently, and shared her training method saying, “I laughed so much that I gained a six pack. It’s good to laugh from the heart because you use your whole body.” Tsuchiya showed interest in acting overseas, but shared that she doesn’t have the language ability to do so. ”It’s something I want to experience in my life. But I can’t speak English. Now if only there was a role where I could just let out screams…“, she joked. “Battleship” will open in theaters in Japan on April 13th.
Source & Image: TV Asahi & TokioHive